History of Cat Litter


Cats are curious, very curious. Why do they do what they do and how they do is barely known to mankind. The Egyptians worshipped the feline enigmas as gods. And ever since, no cat has forgotten this!


The modern day cat litter was invented by Edward Lowe. Lowe was born on July 10, 1920 in St. Paul, Minnesota. After serving in the Navy, he worked with his father selling industrial absorbents such as saw dust and absorbent clay.


His neighbor, Kay Draper, asked him for a replacement for the ashes (of wood) she was using in her cat box as her cat was trailing paw prints all over in the house and she definitely needed a cleaner alternative. Lowe then suggested her to use absorbent clay.


The suggestion started off a whole new line of cat-worship: In 1947 Edward Lowe started to pack the clay in 5 lb bags and named it “Kitty Litter” and put in a store to sell for Sixty-Five Cents. The store owner did not think that the product would sell for this price but soon customers were pouring in for more and more Kitty Litter.