Why Cat Litter made from Sodium Bentonite is the best ?

Clay-based litter was the order for many years until “clumping” cat litter was introduced in the 1990s. Clumping cat litter has slowly but surely replaced the traditional clay cat litters and is now the preferred variety of litter. We’re speaking of cats’ preferences of course; humans don’t matter!
Getting into the technical nitty-gritties of clumping cat litter:- Bentonite is what works the magic. There are two types of bentonite available:
Natural Calcium Bentonite
Calcium bentonite is the most commonly occurring natural form of bentonite. The color is whitish. The absorption quality exhibited by this is lesser compared to sodium bentonite. Also, calcium bentonite clumps or swells like any ordinary clay up to a hundred per cent when it comes in contact with moisture which makes it a resource of the non-clumping variety of cat litter.
Consumers which prefer only light colored litter make use of this bentonite.
Natural Sodium Bentonite
Bentonite rich in sodium has the property of swelling immensely when it comes in contact with moisture. The absorption of liquid is many times the volume of the material (200% to 1000%). The swelling action is facilitated by the molecular structure of sodium bentonite enabling it to form clumps only of sections which havecome in contact with moisture or liquid. Sodium bentonite is soil colored, i.e., brown. Although sodium bentonite deposits are fewer compared to calcium bentonite, the swelling property has made it most desirable.
Sodium Bentonite also has many other applications in Foundry, Palletising, Drilling, Paints & Dyes industries, Construction, Water proofing, Electrical earthing and even cosmetics.  When sodium bentonite is refined properly it is also used as ‘face pack’ in cosmetics and is good for the skin. There, the gods have blessed us and how!

Cat litter made from natural sodium bentonite has properties of being highly absorbent and absorbs the cat’s urine instantly; its granules immediately contract to be form ‘a clump’ (which is easy and convenient to clean from the tray). Bentonite also has a natural property to kill odor so will control the urine odor; moreover bentonite does not allow bacterial growth in the litter tray. Lastly and most importantly, bentonite does not cause any harm to cats’ skin. When you use moderate size granules of sodium bentonite (0.5 mm to 2.0 mm) the litter does not stick to the cats’ paws and avoids tracking in the house.
Why Scented Cat Litter ?

Think incense sticks! The added mild scents to the cat litter work like miracles. The perfume only emanates when the litter becomes wet. The litter performs its function of absorbing moisture along with bentonite killing it’s the odor and the scent, well, makes the atmosphere that much more divine.
Ultra Clumping Cat Litter
Granules Size 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm


Fine Clumping Cat Litter
Granules Size 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm

Traditional Clumping Cat Litter
Granules Size 0.5 mm to 5.0 mm