What we are
Indian Cat Litter Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality of clumping cat litter made from natural sodium bentonite. We are supplying to leading brands in about 28 countries around the world.
We have studied innumerable varieties of cat litter the world market offers today and found that cat litter made from sodium bentonite by drying under natural sunlight is the best for cats’ health.
We are sincere in our efforts to make consumers understand what is good for their cats.  As any cat owner would care for the nourishment of her cat it is equally important to use the best quality cat litter.
Our raw material sodium bentonite is sourced directly from mines in Kutch region of the state of Gujarat in India and is dried under the scorching Kutch desert sun. The result is cat litter which is dust free, tried and tested in the laboratory for every quality parameter like high absorbency, instant clumping, granules size, moisture, PH level, anti-bacterial nature, odor suppressing, clump size and weight and is safe for cat and human skin and health.