What we do
Produce Cat Litter
Our company produces the finest quality clumping cat litter which is made from the sodium bentonite procured directly from the mines in the Kutch region in the state of Gujarat in India.
Supply Cat Litter in Your Brand
Cat Litter is supplied in your brand in the desired size packages.  It can be plain cat litter or scented material of your choice.  
Make Paper Bags – Packaging for You
We will make bags of your desired sizes. It can be of 5 kilo, 10 kilo, 15 kilo and of 20 kilo size. Packing is made of eco-friendly paper bags which are laminated, glossy, with handles.
Develop Design Artwork for Your Brand
We also develop design artwork for your brand. We will offer you few options of designs to choose from and that artwork – design will be reserved only for you.
Packing in Different Languages
Packaging can be made in your language exactly as per your given translation.  The bags design and the text matter (draft) will be sent to you for your checking and confirmation before printing.
Supply in Bulk Bags
We can supply in bulk bags of 25 kilo, 50 kilo and also Jumbo bags of approx. 1,200 kilo each.
Quality & Certificates
Our raw materials and products hold the necessary Certificates for quality measures, quarantine purpose, MSDS, customs purpose, Certificate of Origin, GSP, etc.
Consistent Quality and Timely Supplies
You can rely on us for consistent quality and timely shipments.  Shipments are made by 20 ft. containers from ports on the western coast of India; mostly from the port of Mundhra.